Virginia Auto Insurance: Does Your Car Insurance Cover Another Driver?

When you have a car and someone else wants to borrow it, it is a responsible question to ask about whose car insurance will cover damages in the event of a problem. In Virginia, like elsewhere in the nation, car insurance will cover the vehicle and not the driver of the car. Still, the minimum requirements for auto insurance in Virginia may not be enough when you add other drivers to the mix.

At Commonwealth Insurance Center, we want all Williamsburg, VA drivers to have enough coverage to protect them financially from any problem on Virginia roads.

When an Accident Happens

When an accident happens and someone else is driving the car, liability coverage will go into effect if that driver is found to be at fault for the accident. Unfortunately, that will be your liability coverage. 

That means that when another person drives your vehicle and is found at fault in an accident, you are going to be responsible for the damage through your own insurance coverage. Your insurance premiums will see an increase in the following year.

It won’t go on your driving record, it will go on your insurance record.

Your Insurance Coverage

Virginia is an at-fault state when it comes to car insurance. When someone driving your vehicle gets into an accident, your insurance coverage will cover injuries and damages if that person is at-fault for the accident.

Your liability coverage will pay for medical bills and property damages to the other party. If you have medical payments coverage then the driver will also have their medical bills covered.

If you also have collision coverage, your vehicle repairs and replacement will be handled by your insurance company.

If this driver will be using your car a lot, you will want to add them as a secondary driver. That will make the insurance question a lot easier in the event of an accident. The alternative is to make sure that you have comprehensive and collision coverage in addition to medical payments coverage when you are updating your policy.

With that, you will be covered in every way in the event of an accident, regardless of who is driving your vehicle.

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It is among the most common questions in car insurance. The car insurance follows the car, not the driver. At Commonwealth Insurance Center, we want Williamsburg, VA drivers to have every coverage they need for every driving scenario. Call us for a quote and talk to us about this today.