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Flood Insurance in Virginia

It's becoming more well-known that homeowner's insurance and renter's insurance typically don't cover flood damage. However, not everyone is getting flood insurance when they set up policies for their homes. Reasons range from wanting to save money to not thinking a flood will be a real risk, but in Williamsburg, VA, flooding is something residents have to look out for -- from more than one source.

Multiple Sources of Floods

What policy holders still need to remember is that floods are not just the result of a river rising or dam breaking that inundates nearby towns. Flooding, for insurance purposes, includes any water damage from bursting pipes, hurricanes, your sprinklers malfunctioning and sending water inside your home, and so on. Your homeowner's or renter's insurance might cover the physical damage to the home from broken windows blown in during a storm, for example, but the actual flood damage wouldn't be covered.

Flooding Can Happen Anywhere

Don't assume that because you've bought a house on a hill or because you've bought a house outside of a flood plain that you don't need any flood insurance. If your up-the-hill-neighbor's pipes break and soak your house, for example, and your neighbor doesn't have adequate insurance, you'd have to foot the bill unless you had flood insurance.

Note that like most policies, flood insurance has limits on what it will pay out; have a long talk with your insurance agent about what your home and property might be worth so that you choose the correct policy. Not all flood claims are huge, but it's better to have as much leeway as possible.

In Virginia, flood insurance is available to everyone through companies like Commonwealth Insurance Center. Contact your agent as soon as you can to discuss basic and supplemental policies.

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