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Auto Insurance in Virginia

Auto insurance accident coverage provides protection from liability and costly compensatory damage obligations in case a collision is your fault. When shopping for a new auto insurance policy, inquire about terms and conditions to accident claims submission. Here are the types of auto insurance coverage available to drivers in Virginia:

Liability Coverage - the most limited coverage a driver can carry in any U.S. state under law, liability coverage only protects a driver in the case of an accident from out-of-pocket payment of another driver's initial property and injury.

Property Coverage - avoid the risk of unexpected financial losses with property coverage for damage and theft, with an auto property policy addendum to any auto insurance agreement.

Medical Coverage - compensation for the cost of treating injuries, including hospitalization, rehabilitation and sometimes lost wages stemming from time off of work, and funeral expenses.

Comprehensive Coverage - combined auto insurance policies, offering full-coverage of liability, property, medical, and legal costs insures a driver at all phases of post-accident claim.

Auto insurance is required in all states, with some states mandating more coverage for specified categories of drivers. Drivers with a history of accident, traffic tickets, or other event leading to higher rates may also be obliged to meet comprehensive auto insurance requirements. Good drivers can take advantage of discount policy incentives. Ask your insurance broker if you are eligible to save on auto insurance.

Comprehensive auto insurance policies are obviously the most secure coverage a driver can pay for. While premium payments on comprehensive accident and liability policies are higher than limited auto liability agreements, there are no future expenses out of pocket. The insurer pays for all attorney costs and court ordered compensation when a driver is covered with comprehensive accident and liability, including property and medical coverage of the responsible insured, and the plaintiff(s).

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