3 Things You Should Know about Classic Car Insurance

Owning classic cars in more than a hobby. It’s a lifestyle. To protect this valuable asset, it’s important to have classic car insurance in Williamsburg, VA. 

Classic Car and Auto Insurance are Not the Same

Regular auto insurance covers your vehicle only up to its cash value. This means an auto policy will replace the cost of the vehicle minus its depreciation. On the other hand, a classic car insurance policy covers the vehicle up to an agreed-upon price. This amount is determined based on a collectible car valuation guide, a professional appraisal, research by an underwriter, and other documentation. Unlike regular automobiles, classic cars appreciate in value, particularly when they are well maintained. 

Classic Car Insurance Has Add-On Options

When you compare classic car insurance policies, you’ll find they are quite similar. However, there are add-ons you can include in your policy. Some of these include:

  • Spare Parts Coverage: If spare parts are destroyed or stolen, this add-on will cover the cost.
  • Traveling Coverage: If your vehicle breaks down on the road, this add-on may reimburse you fo food, lodging, and renting a vehicle. 
  • No Attendance: This means that when you are away from your classic car while it is being displayed at a car show, coverage still applies. 
  • Car Show Medical: If an individual gets injured at an auto show featuring your classic car, this coverage kicks in. 

There are Strict Requirements for Storing a Classic Car

Insurance carriers have strict requirements when it comes to storing your classic car. For starters, it must be stored in an enclosed area, like a garage. Each carrier may have different requirements so be sure to check this out before buying a policy. 

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