What Items Does Condo Insurance Cover?

Purchasing and insuring a condo can pose a challenge, especially if you are new to condo life and purchasing the right type of insurance for the new residence. A condo will have a master policy in place which protects the overall building, so those who purchase a unit need to have their own condo policy in place to protect their belongings and cover any liability. 

Condo Insurance Coverage

The HOA fees cover the master policy, but not all master policies are the same. Be sure to take a copy of your purchase paperwork and HOA information to a qualified insurance agent and have them review everything before making an insurance policy selection. They can offer quality condo insurance products that can protect your belongings as well as offer liability protection that the master policy won’t. 

Working With an Insurance Agency to Get Maximum Protection

Insurance is the best way to avoid losses and prevent gaps in coverage. Before making a condo purchase, be sure to consult Commonwealth Insurance Center serving Williamsburg, VA. They have experience and insight that can help make the process of purchasing condo insurance fast and convenient. Bring your information and sit down with a friendly agent to discuss what the situation calls for and then find out more about the available insurance policies. 

Condo insurance can provide a complete blanket of protection for those who want to enjoy the benefits of condo life. Call or stop by the office at Commonwealth Insurance Center if you live near the Williamsburg, VA area, and find out how they can help you make the right choice for your current residence.