Can I Buy Renters Insurance for My Storage Unit or Rented Garage?

Renters insurance serves more than rented homes. Individuals can also purchase it to protect items stored in an offsite storage unit or garage space. At Commonwealth Insurance Center, we want Williamsburg, VA residents to understand the many uses of renters insurance.

Uses of Renters Insurance

You can purchase a renters insurance policy for any rented space. Whether you rent a storage unit, garage, parking space, or office storage, you can insure it with a renters policy. This type of insurance covers the loss of or damage to the contents of the rented space. For example, if you store ATVs in a rented garage, the renters’ policy covers them against theft.

If you renovate or add to the rented space, the policy may cover those, too. To ensure your renovation, such as built-in bookcases or ceiling-mounted shelving, receives coverage, request a rider to your renters’ policy.

What Renters Insurance Won’t Cover

Your landlord must carry insurance to cover damage to their facility, such as a storage unit facility or parking garage. Most states require this, along with their business license. The landlord’s insurance covers damage to the facility. That’s why you can only add a rider to cover modifications you make to the rented space.

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