5 Ways to Protect Your Classic Cars in Williamsburg

Owning a classic car in Williamsburg, VA is like owning a little slice of the best in American nostalgia. These cars are not only big and bold, but they’re also a throwback to a time when soda fountains were still all the rage. If you’re looking for ways to protect yours, Commonwealth Insurance Center has a few tips. 

Keep It In the Garage 

While the urge might be to store your classic car under a tarp, it’s just too much risk to keep them out in the open. These vehicles might become a magnet for vandalism or potential theft, so they’re best kept out of sight, out of mind. 

Guard Your Documents 

The value of a classic car comes from both its origins and upkeep. From the registration to the repair work, make sure you’re holding onto all of the associated paperwork to preserve its value. 

Do the Research 

Classic car information can’t always be found on the internet, and you never know what you might unearth in a vintage magazine or parts catalog. The more you know about your vehicle, the more likely you are to properly care for it. 

Take Pictures 

Cars change over time, but not everyone notices those small changes from year to year. When you take detailed photos, you can better compare and contrast what restoration work needs to be prioritized. 

Find the Right Insurance  

Classic car insurance policies need to be written in such a way that accounts for what the vehicle means to you. Whether it’s a hobby or a car in your regular rotation, Commonwealth Insurance Center can help you find the right coverage for you. If you’re in Williamsburg, VA, give us a call today so you can rest easy about your classic car insurance.