How Flood Insurance Plays a Role Following a Major Rainstorm

Flood insurance is one of those insurance types that can be a real lifesaver when you need it. The team at Commonwealth Insurance Center has seen customers benefit greatly from flood insurance. Customers living in Williamsburg, VA, and abroad experience heavy rainstorms annually. These storms can be quite damaging, and flood insurance can help with the recovery.

The Value of Flood Insurance 

Following a heavy rainstorm, you could find that your Williamsburg, VA home is full of water. You could have water in your basement, kitchen, bathroom, and other home areas. What do you do now that you are in the middle of a flood? If you do not have flood insurance and are hit with a flood from a heavy storm, you could face a costly recovery. Just one inch of water equals tens of thousands of dollars in damages.

Common Flood Insurance Coverage

Flood insurance will help cover many things in and around the home. If a heavy rainstorm leads to flooding, flood insurance will cover the home essentials, including electrical and plumbing systems, furnaces, water heaters, and more. Flood insurance will also help cover permanently installed bookcases, cabinets, etc.  

Other areas in which flood insurance provides coverage include appliances, foundation walls, staircases, etc. If there is damage to your home, flood insurance will kick in and help.

The Commonwealth Insurance Center team is serving the Williamsburg, VA residents routinely who need flood insurance. Heavy rainstorms continue to pick up annually, and the value of having flood insurance can be good peace of mind for homeowners.  

What Does Condo Insurance Cover?

While most condo associations have their own insurance policies in place, condo owners should also secure their own insurance policy to ensure they have the protection they need to protect the huge investment they made in their beautiful condominium. The agents at the Commonwealth Insurance Center in Williamsburg, VA want you and your condo to be protected with adequate condo insurance.

A condo association’s insurance policy will more than likely only cover the building in which your condo is located and common areas throughout the property. These common areas can include patios, recreation centers, workout facilities, swimming pool areas, and more. What the association’s condo insurance will not cover is the inside of your condo. This includes your personal belongings, appliances, furniture, and even the light fixtures and the inside walls of your condo.

What Does Condo Insurance Cover?

Your condo insurance policy can cover all of the things mentioned above. This means if you have a fire at your condo or are a victim of vandalism or theft, your condo insurance can help you replace any lost or damaged items.

Your condo insurance policy can also provide you with a certain amount of liability protection. If someone slips and falls inside your condo and is injured, your insurance will help pay for their medical bills.

These are very important coverage options to have in place and can also include flooding of your condo and other things that could happen to damage the interior portion of your beautiful condominium.

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To create the best condo insurance policy for your situation, you need to enlist the assistance of an insurance agent with experience in condo insurance policies. The condo insurance agents at Commonwealth Insurance Center in Williamsburg, VA are ready to assist you. Call today for an appointment!

Types of Life Insurance

Life insurance is always essential for anyone who has people who depend on them. There are two main types of this coverage that work in different ways. Before you choose a life insurance policy, you should know about the different types, so you will know which is best for your situation and budget. When you need to get a life insurance policy, call us at Commonwealth Insurance Center in Williamsburg, VA to get started. 

Term Life Insurance Policies

These policies are suitable for a term of time, generally measured in several years. This may be ten years, twenty, etc. During that term, you have the death benefit in place, so your family will benefit if you pass. However, your policy will expire at the end of this term of years. Some people don’t like that these policies expire and choose a different type because of it. The main benefit of these policies is that they are so inexpensive. With these policies, many people can get a large amount of coverage for a low price. 

Whole Life Policies

These insurance policies are not made for just a specific term. They are made to continue for the rest of your life. This makes them attractive policies for many because they don’t have an expiration date. They are more expensive than term policies, but many people like that they can keep these policies for as long as they want to keep them. Whole-life policies also build a value that you can later borrow against. If you should have a financial problem and need cash, you can borrow this amount to get out of it. 

Get Your Life Insurance Policy

It’s essential to have life insurance, and we can help. Call us at Commonwealth Insurance Center in Williamsburg, VA.


Boating safety tips

Boating can be a fun and relaxing way to spend a summer day, but it’s important to remember that it can also be dangerous. Here are some tips to help you stay safe while boating.

  1. Always wear a life jacket when you’re on the water. This is one of the most important safety rules, as it can help to keep you afloat and protected in the event of an emergency.
  2. Before going out on your boat, make sure that it is in good condition and is equipped with all necessary safety gear. This includes things like flares, first aid kits, and navigational charts.
  3. Before you set out on the water, it’s important to check the weather conditions and forecast. This will help you to avoid hazardous weather or areas that might be dangerous due to strong currents or obstacles in the water.
  4. When you’re boating, it’s important to follow all traffic laws and regulations. This includes obeying speed limits, maintaining a safe distance from other boats and swimmers, and following navigational rules.
  5. To stay safe while boating, it’s important to always be aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to potential hazards such as rocks, logs, and sandbars, and use common sense when navigating tricky waterways or planning your route.
  6. Finally, always be prepared for the unexpected while you’re on the water. This means having a well-stocked first aid kit onboard and keeping an eye out for weather changes or other potential dangers. By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your boating trip is a safe and enjoyable one.

If you have any further questions or would like more information on staying safe while out on the water, call Commonwealth Insurance Center today. We proudly serve the Williamsburg, VA area. 

When Do I Need Classic Car Insurance?

Classic Car Insurance provides classic car owners with prolific mitigation against spare parts, breakdown cover, legal protection, market value, and salvage retention to ensure compensation in the event of the insured peril.

In Williamsburg, VA, vintage car owners, though not mandatory, need a unique coverage that protects them against risks while out on the roads. Making the right decision in terms of a good policy is critical. Commonwealth Insurance Center offers the ideal solution for your classic car insurance needs.

As a vintage car owner, you need protection immediately after you acquire your classic vehicle, as an eventuality may occur anytime, leaving you at a cross-road. The following are factors that determine the cost and level of the cover you need:

  • The value of your car– deciding on the level and cost of the insurance cover you require will be influenced by the value of the vehicle to be insured.
  • Mileage– The distance your car has been driven affects the cost of your classic car insurance. Some policies will attract discounts when their mileage is limited.
  • Club membership– Members of an approved vintage car club can benefit from a specialist rate.
  • Storage security- it is advisable to park your car in a garage overnight.

Visit or call Commonwealth Insurance Center if you have multiple classic cars in Williamsburg, VA. They can be insured under one single coverage for your convenience.

Commonwealth Insurance center offers a wide array of options and features that you can assimilate for a perfect cover:

  • With regular reassessment, we offer a special clause to safeguard classic car insurers to ensure one gets the actual value rather than market discrimination.
  • Fitted accessories and spare parts are also an option for vintage car owners.
  • In case of an occurrence leading to complete loss of the insured vehicle, we offer a salvage retention package.
  • We can add legal protection against tracking uninsured losses and breakdown protection features for our classic car owners.

One must note what is not covered in the policy and make appropriate decisions. One is usually not protected when their vehicles are unsafe or not roadworthy, in left keys in the car resulting to theft or burglary, not parking in separate garages when around your residence and malicious damage of theft happens and kindly note no discounts on claims offered.

We will be able to provide a lifesaving cover for your classic vehicle as our policy is customized to give extras to cater to your special needs. Kindly call or visit us now at Commonwealth Insurance Center for a breathtaking insurance offer for your vintage Williamsburg, VA.

What value comes with a motorcycle insurance plan in Virginia?

Anyone living in the Williamsburg, VA area will want to know that they have the proper insurance support for their most important assets. This can include having an adequate motorcycle insurance plan if you are an owner of one of these assets. A quality motorcycle insurance plan will come with various forms of coverage that can make it a valuable investment for owners here. 

Ensures Compliance

An essential reason for anyone to get a motorcycle insurance plan is so they can ensure compliance. If you are going to ride a motorcycle in this state, you must always carry liability insurance. At the same time, you will want motorcycle insurance if you have taken out a loan to finance the vehicle. You will obtain all of this necessary coverage with the right motorcycle insurance plan. 

Provides Necessary Coverage

You also will want to have motorcycle insurance to be protected appropriately. When you invest in a motorcycle, you will want to be able to enjoy it for a long time. A great way to ensure this happens is by taking out a motorcycle insurance policy that includes full collision and comprehensive support. This will provide the support you need to replace or repair your motorcycle if a loss is incurred. 

There are many great reasons to get a motorcycle insurance plan in the Williamsburg, VA area. Once you are ready to start looking for coverage here, you should call the professionals with the Commonwealth Insurance Center. If you call the Commonwealth Insurance Center, you can learn more about your insurance needs and options. From there, you can pick a plan that will cover your needs. 

How umbrella insurance can help protect your company

Do you own a business in the greater Williamsburg, VA area? If so, it’s time to get to know the folks at Commonwealth Insurance Center. We are here to help our local business owners and operators protect their companies. Our team understands how much dedication and hard work goes into starting and maintaining a successful business. Let us help you protect yours!

How an umbrella policy can help your business

When it comes to protecting your business, you may have a lot of liability concerns. This may be because of how your firm is structured, and that excess commercial liability can become a personal liability. Or, it may be because you operate in a highly litigious industry and worry that one lawsuit could destroy all of your hard work.

Whatever the reason you need increased liability protection, an umbrella policy can meet that need. An umbrella policy will provide increased liability protection and help you keep your business growing and thriving! The main way that an umbrella policy will help protect your company is the increased liability protection that it offers.

When your primary policy is exhausted, your umbrella policy will come into play and fill that need. There are also policies available that can cover losses excluded from your primary policy. Find out more today about the many benefits these policies provide.

Let’s work together to protect your business!

Commonwealth Insurance Center is proud to be the insurance agency that business owners and operators in the greater Williamsburg, VA area turn to. You can rely on us for all of your commercial insurance needs. And, if it’s time for your company to add an umbrella policy, we can help. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today.

How a commercial umbrella policy can help protect your Virginia business

Commonwealth Insurance Center is ready to serve the commercial insurance needs of the greater Williamsburg, VA business community. If you have questions about how umbrella insurance can act as a vital tool to protect your company, call us today.

Using an umbrella policy to protect your Virginia business 

Liability protection for your Virginia business is key in laying the groundwork for ongoing and future success. Several different scenarios can create a situation that spells doom for a company’s success. 

If you experience a catastrophic event that includes a lot of liability exposure, it is possible to exhaust your company’s primary commercial policy. If this should occur, a firm that only carries a primary policy could find that it’s impossible to continue operations. However, with the right insurance in place, this is a situation that can be avoided.

When a primary policy is exhausted, a company that has an umbrella policy will be able to tap into additional insurance coverage. This can mean the difference between being able to regroup after a significant covered loss and having to close the doors. Obviously, everyone wants to avoid the latter situation, and it is possible to do so with an umbrella policy. Reviewing umbrella insurance options is a great way to get started.

Now is the time to learn how an umbrella policy can help protect your company

Williamsburg, VA area business people can count on the team at Commonwealth Insurance Center for all of their commercial insurance needs. Finding out more about umbrella insurance can help you make an informed decision regarding protecting your firm. Give us a call today and set up an appointment to learn more.

What does flood insurance cover?

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) provides coverage for physical losses to your home or dwelling and your personal belongings. Our team at Commonwealth Insurance Center is happy to provide information and guidance for Williamsburg, VA residents. Our team will walk you through how flood insurance works as well as what’s covered. Although flood insurance isn’t always necessary if you live in a flood zone or high-risk area, flood insurance may be a good option.  

Is flood cover necessary?

If you live near a body of water or in a high-risk flooding zone, then the chances are you’ll need flood cover. But the catch is, being in an area that requires flood cover means you’ll have to pay a higher premium or could not be covered altogether.

What is Flood  Insurance?

Flood insurance is designed to cover your home, car, and personal possessions from damage caused by a rainwater runoff, overflow, or buildup of water that covers dry land under normal circumstances. It should be noted that this type of coverage isn’t always included in a homeowner’s policy. However, some policies may include flood insurance as an extra option. If not, you can purchase a separate flood insurance policy.

What Does Flood Insurance Cover?

Flood insurance provides coverage for your home and your possessions as well as your car. Flood insurance has two categories that include building coverage and contents coverage. Typically, flood insurance covers:

  • Foundation/Walls
  • Anchorage systems
  • Staircases
  • Electrical/Plumbing systems
  • Furnaces/Water heaters
  • Refrigerators/Stoves 
  • Built-in appliances
  • Carpeting
  • Cabinets/Paneling/Bookcases
  • Window blinds

Flood insurance also covers detached garages, fuel, well-water tanks, pumps, and solar equipment. 

If you are considering investing in flood insurance, give us a call. We’d be happy to discuss your options with you. Our team at Commonwealth Insurance Center would be happy to answer your questions. We’re standing by.

How does the liability component of my condo insurance work?

How does the liability component of my condo insurance work?

When you buy a condo in Williamsburg, VA, you’ll need a specific type of home insurance known as condo insurance. The condo policies that Commonwealth Insurance Center offers contain the same type of liability policy as homeowners’ insurance and so does your condo complex’s master policy.

Your condo complex buys a master policy that covers all of the public areas of the complex for property damage and liability. Your condo policy covers your specific domicile for property damage and liability.

So, if both carry liability, who pays what? This blog explains what the condo policy covers versus what the condo complex’s policy covers.

The master policy covers everything that is walls out from your condo and other people’s condos. Your condo policy covers what happens inside your condo – the walls-in coverage.

With respect to liability coverage, the condo complex’s policy covers liability in all public places, whether the hallways outside the front doors to the condos or the swimming pool or condo’s clubhouse. If you have a friend visit and they fall down the steps leading into the complex’s entry, the complex’s liability coverage handles it. If your friend falls getting out of your shower, your condo insurance policy’s liability coverage handles it.

You will have to purchase condo insurance when you buy your condo. The owner’s association of the complex will require the coverage, typically, as a part of its covenants.

When you buy a condo in Williamsburg, VA, let Commonwealth Insurance Center help you find the coverage you need. Call us today to get your condo covered.