A Guide To Help Virginia Motorcycle Riders Find Motorcycle Insurance

The Commonwealth Insurance Center is an independent insurance agency that serves the Williamsburg, VA community, as well as the surrounding areas. We have established meaningful partnerships with several different companies in order to help our clients find the insurance policies that they need.

Motorcycle Insurance

If you enjoy riding motorcycles, inquiring about motorcycle insurance should be a top priority. Motorcycle insurance allows you to stay safe while you are riding. There are multiple insurance coverage options for you to consider. Collision insurance will cover your motorcycle if you are involved in an accident. Comprehensive insurance covers your motorcycle if it is stolen or damaged due to a natural disaster. Liability coverage is also important. The policy covers you if you are involved in a motorcycle accident that caused others harm. Personal injury protection can also be an asset during those situations.

Custom Coverage

If you have custom parts and accessories on your motorcycle, you may have to inquire about an additional policy to secure those items. Also, consider inquiring about trip interruption coverage. The policy will cover any lodging and other expenses while your motorcycle is in the shop being repaired.


During seasons when it is too cold to ride, inquire about lay-up insurance. Under the policy, your motorcycle will be covered in the event that it is stolen or damaged. However, be advised that you should not use your motorcycle during this period.

Commonwealth Insurance Center Can Help You

If you are a motorcycle rider in the Williamsburg, VA area, we can help you protect your asset. We will sit down with you and discuss all of the different motorcycle policies so that you can find the policy that suits your needs. Contact us today!