How Flood Insurance Plays a Role Following a Major Rainstorm

Flood insurance is one of those insurance types that can be a real lifesaver when you need it. The team at Commonwealth Insurance Center has seen customers benefit greatly from flood insurance. Customers living in Williamsburg, VA, and abroad experience heavy rainstorms annually. These storms can be quite damaging, and flood insurance can help with the recovery.

The Value of Flood Insurance 

Following a heavy rainstorm, you could find that your Williamsburg, VA home is full of water. You could have water in your basement, kitchen, bathroom, and other home areas. What do you do now that you are in the middle of a flood? If you do not have flood insurance and are hit with a flood from a heavy storm, you could face a costly recovery. Just one inch of water equals tens of thousands of dollars in damages.

Common Flood Insurance Coverage

Flood insurance will help cover many things in and around the home. If a heavy rainstorm leads to flooding, flood insurance will cover the home essentials, including electrical and plumbing systems, furnaces, water heaters, and more. Flood insurance will also help cover permanently installed bookcases, cabinets, etc.  

Other areas in which flood insurance provides coverage include appliances, foundation walls, staircases, etc. If there is damage to your home, flood insurance will kick in and help.

The Commonwealth Insurance Center team is serving the Williamsburg, VA residents routinely who need flood insurance. Heavy rainstorms continue to pick up annually, and the value of having flood insurance can be good peace of mind for homeowners.