Why You Need Flood Insurance from Commonwealth Insurance Center in Williamsburg VA

If you have homeowners’ insurance, you might not know it doesn’t cover flooding. If you are in a flat area or on a flood plain and have a mortgage, your lender usually requires flood insurance. Even if you have paid off your home, you should consider getting flood insurance to protect your belongings.

Facts About Flood Insurance

Floods account for the most costly and frequent natural disasters in the country. They cause massive damage annually. Americans lose about $8.2 billion every year to flood-related property damage.

There are floods in every state and across all types of terrain. Over 20 percent of flood claims originate on properties that aren’t in a high-risk zone.If you carry flood insurance, you can file a claim even if there’s no Presidential Disaster Declaration in your area. These are just some of the compelling reasons to carry flood insurance.

One inch of water in your cellar can amount to $27,000 in damage. If homeowners insurance doesn’t cover your belongings, how can you get flood insurance?

Where to Buy Flood Insurance

You have to buy flood coverage via an insurer that belongs to the NFIP. The National Flood Insurance Program doesn’t sell insurance directly. Ask your Commonwealth Insurance Center agent in Williamsburg, VA to help you purchase coverage.

Here are some questions you should ask to educate yourself on flood insurance in your area. 

  • Does my neighborhood participate in the NFIP?
  • Which flood zone do we live in?
  • Is flood insurance required by my lender? 

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Can Renters Buy Condo Insurance?

If you are looking to rent a condo, you may ask yourself if you can purchase condo insurance as a renter, or if this is something only the condo owner can purchase. Here at Commonwealth Insurance Center, serving the greater Richmond, VA area, we want to ensure that our clientele can purchase the right type of insurance for their needs. Here is what you need to know about condo insurance and being a renter. 

What is Condo Insurance

Condo insurance is similar to homeowner’s insurance. However, whereas a homeowners insurance policy covers the exterior of the home and common places, condo insurance does not. It only covers the walls and space that make up the portion of the condo that a condo owner owns. The condo building owner is required to carry their own insurance for the exterior of the building and commonplaces, such as hallways and pools. As a renter, you cannot obtain condo insurance. This type of insurance is designed to be purchased by the person who owns the unit. 

What Types of Insurance Renters Need

While you cannot purchase condo insurance as a renter, you may still be looking to insure your belongings against fire, flood, or theft. In this case, you will want to purchase a standard renters insurance policy. This type of policy covers renters who live in any type of dwelling, including homes, apartments, and condo buildings. An insurance agent can help you determine how much renters insurance you should carry based on the value of your belongings. 

If you own a condo and are looking to purchase condo insurance, or if you have signed a lease to rent a condo and are looking to buy renters insurance, Commonwealth Insurance Center, serving the greater Richmond, VA area is here to help. Contact us today to get started. 

Why invest in a life insurance policy?

Your family is your greatest asset. It is expected that you want to protect them at all times. But, we are all human, and it will reach a point when you cannot protect them any longer. So, what do you do? Do you just leave them to fend for themselves with difficulties or do you plan for their future even in your absence?

With a life insurance policy from Commonwealth Insurance Center in Williamsburg, VA, you need not worry about your loved ones even after your death. We have well-educated employees who understand the importance of family. Once you walk into our offices, we will listen to you, and from there we can guide you through the life insurance process.

Our major life coverage options include:

Permanent life insurance

This is a type of insurance that is permanent in that it covers you for your whole life. Also, in most cases, it can build up some cash value over time. It protects your loved ones for the rest of their lives. It is one of the best options since it can apply to everyone.

Term Life Insurance

Unlike the permanent life insurance, with term life insurance you only pay premiums for a set period. It will only be in effect for a set amount of years. It is a good option if you are looking for a savings plan to cover your children’s future or for a specific debt like paying a mortgage.

If you are in Williamsburg VA, Commonwealth Insurance Center is here to guide you. Please feel free to walk into our offices or contact us for more information. Remember, we are here because of you. So do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions.

Knowing Your Industry In Williamsburg, VA

When you call or email Commonwealth Insurance Center, they can help to connect you to a policy that will keep you safe with a provider that knows your industry. But, there’s a lot to be said for intimate, on-the-ground experience. There are things that you know about your business and about your industry in Williamsburg, VA that your insurer might not know. That is to say that while they have a general idea about what kind of commercial insurance you need, you know better than anyone.

Every business is different, every business takes on a different set of risks, and an insurance provider that treats all businesses the same is a provider that you might not want to work with. Your job, before you go to an insurance provider, is to know what you need.

Ask your peers what their most common out-of-pocket expenses have been, consider if you have any unconventional features at your business. If you run a pizzeria but you own a printing setup and you make your own flyers, then you’re probably going to need to get that equipment protected under your commercial policy. If you run a sporting goods shop but you also do deliveries for some of the local teams that support you, then you may need to look into what sort of policies are offered for that kind of thing.

The initial policy an insurer will provide you without knowing that much about your business serves as a good foundation, but you need to make a list of everything you need covered so that when you call Commonwealth Insurance Center, they’ll know exactly what your risks are.

How Much Auto Insurance Do You Need For Your New Vehicle?

Once you buy a new automobile, the next step is to purchase the right amount of insurance. Many people in the Williamsburg, VA area are unsure about the amount of coverage they need for their new vehicle. Learn what type and how much automobile insurance you need before you even drive home, to protect you from losses.

What Type Of Insurance

If you are either purchasing or financing a new vehicle, you should probably select full coverage insurance. Without full coverage, you may not have the funds available to repair or replace a new vehicle. If you are financing, most states now require you to carry full coverage insurance at all times during the financing period. Once you begin shopping for your insurance, you will have to decide on a deductible, as well as covered amounts. Some of the coverage amounts you must select include hospitalization, liability, and uninsured motorist. 

Selecting A Deductible

When selecting a deductible, you should know that the more your deductible is, the lower your monthly premium will be. If your premium is high, your deductible will be low. If you are on a tight budget, you may want to select the higher deductible to keep your bill low every month. Just keep in mind that you will have to come up with a larger amount of money in the event of a covered accident before the insurance pays for any damages to your vehicle.

If you are looking for superior automobile insurance that you can count on when you need it, check out Commonwealth Insurance Center. The insurance representative at Commonwealth Insurance Center in Williamsburg, VA can help you discover your coverage options, and select a plan that is right for your needs.

5 Mind-blowing benefits of having home insurance.

The importance of a home insurance policy is normally not appreciated until you are in need of it. In certain occasions, a mishap or calamity may occur, and the only way to overcome such a scenario is through a home insurance policy. Below are five mind-blowing benefits of having a home insurance policy according to Commonwealth Insurance Center in Williamsburg, VA.

1. You get protection against natural disaster

Notably, you do not have control over natural disasters. As such, the best thing to do is to purchase a home insurance policy which will help you cover such liabilities. In case of natural disaster through which your house is affected, this coverage will ensure that all the costs of rebuilding your house and purchasing of home equipment are covered. This does not cover flooding or earthquakes.

2. Your household belongings will be covered

This insurance policy will not only protect your home but will also ensure that the contents and belongings in your building are safe. With this policy, you are assured of financial coverage against the risk of loss with your belongings in case of accidents and theft.       

3. Damages to your home are covered

These policies provide a liability coverage for the damage risk posed to your house in case of vandalism, fire, or other events covered under this policy. Also, the damage to your personal property due to theft is covered under this policy. However, you can expand the coverage to ensure that it includes your jewelry and other expensive valuables in your home.

4. The policy will cover more than just your home

Notably, a home insurance policy will not only protect your house’s structure, but instead, it will also provide coverage for your attached dwellings, loss of personal property, your guests, and other structures on your property.                                          

5. You will pay a low monthly premium

Fortunately, a home owner’s insurance policy is relatively cheap compared to other policies in the market. However, it depends on the type of home you possess, and as such, if you reside in Williamsburg, VA, it is advisable to visit Commonwealth Insurance Center to learn more and obtain a quote. You can also use our online rating tool for quotes from home on homeowner’s insurance.

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