When Do I Need Classic Car Insurance?

Classic Car Insurance provides classic car owners with prolific mitigation against spare parts, breakdown cover, legal protection, market value, and salvage retention to ensure compensation in the event of the insured peril.

In Williamsburg, VA, vintage car owners, though not mandatory, need a unique coverage that protects them against risks while out on the roads. Making the right decision in terms of a good policy is critical. Commonwealth Insurance Center offers the ideal solution for your classic car insurance needs.

As a vintage car owner, you need protection immediately after you acquire your classic vehicle, as an eventuality may occur anytime, leaving you at a cross-road. The following are factors that determine the cost and level of the cover you need:

  • The value of your car– deciding on the level and cost of the insurance cover you require will be influenced by the value of the vehicle to be insured.
  • Mileage– The distance your car has been driven affects the cost of your classic car insurance. Some policies will attract discounts when their mileage is limited.
  • Club membership– Members of an approved vintage car club can benefit from a specialist rate.
  • Storage security- it is advisable to park your car in a garage overnight.

Visit or call Commonwealth Insurance Center if you have multiple classic cars in Williamsburg, VA. They can be insured under one single coverage for your convenience.

Commonwealth Insurance center offers a wide array of options and features that you can assimilate for a perfect cover:

  • With regular reassessment, we offer a special clause to safeguard classic car insurers to ensure one gets the actual value rather than market discrimination.
  • Fitted accessories and spare parts are also an option for vintage car owners.
  • In case of an occurrence leading to complete loss of the insured vehicle, we offer a salvage retention package.
  • We can add legal protection against tracking uninsured losses and breakdown protection features for our classic car owners.

One must note what is not covered in the policy and make appropriate decisions. One is usually not protected when their vehicles are unsafe or not roadworthy, in left keys in the car resulting to theft or burglary, not parking in separate garages when around your residence and malicious damage of theft happens and kindly note no discounts on claims offered.

We will be able to provide a lifesaving cover for your classic vehicle as our policy is customized to give extras to cater to your special needs. Kindly call or visit us now at Commonwealth Insurance Center for a breathtaking insurance offer for your vintage Williamsburg, VA.