When is flood insurance a necessity?

For those that own a home in Williamsburg, VA, making sure that you have the right type of home insurance in place is very important. Beyond a standard home insurance policy, you may also need to get flood insurance. There are several situations in which getting flood insurance will be a necessity for your home. 

Mortgage Requirement

One situation in which having flood insurance is a necessity is when it is required by your mortgage lender. If you get a FHA mortgage, the lender will analyze FEMA flood maps to determine whether your home is in a flood zone. If it is determined that your home is at a higher risk of flood damage, the lender will require that you carry flood insurance at all times. They likely will also require that you escrow for this on a monthly basis. 

Home Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Even if you are not required by your lender to carry flood insurance, it is still great insurance to have it in place. If you live in a higher risk zone, your base home insurance policy likely will not give you flood insurance coverage. For Williamsburg, VA area homeowners, getting an additional flood insurance policy will provide you with the protection against flood damage that you need. 

If you need to have flood insurance or have questions about the benefits, you should speak with the team at Commonwealth Insurance Center. When you meet with the Commonwealth Insurance Center professionals, you will learn more about your flood insurance obligations and figure out if you need to get a policy. The team can then help you get into a policy that provides you with the right level of protection.